The company

The Company

CP Innovation designs and markets plastic components for the entire industry, finding their place in many activities and fields of application.

Proven technical know-how enables us to provide each of our customers with a solution to the mechanical, chemical, technical or environmental problem they encounter, thanks in particular to our variety of plastics and colour choices.

CP Innovation regularly works with:

Polyamide [PA] for its adaptability to most industrial environments.
POM or Delrin for its mechanical capacity and cleanliness in finishing parts.
Polypropylene [PP] for use in demanding technical environments.
PVDF for its excellent chemical response.
PTFE for its thermal properties and coefficient of friction.

but also Polyethylene [PE], PVC, Polyamide loaded fibreglass [PAFV], Polycarbonate [PC], Permaglass … and other elastomers offered in our range of joints.

A strong experience in logistics allows us to control our delivery times as well as possible.